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Tuesday, December 06 2016 @ 15:58 UTC

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That's Me!

At the Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Station W1AW in Newington, CT.

Tower Work

On my friends tower getting it down for his move.

Beam is Coming down

This QTH is QRT !

Fun at the Hamfest

Jamboree On The Air 2005

Getting Girl Scouts into the hobby

Jamboree On The Air 2005

Getting Girl Scouts into the hobby

Jamboree On The Air 2005

Getting Girl Scouts into the hobby

Jamboree On The Air 2005

Getting Girl Scouts into the hobby

Jamboree On The Air 2005

Getting Girl Scouts into the hobby

Field Day 2006

Field Day 2006

Field Day 2006


Gordo at Ham Radio University.

My 2013 Shack

My 2011 Shack

My 2007 Shack

My 2003 Shack

W2SWR has been a member
of the American Radio
Relay League Since 1999

Yaesu FTdx3000.
Motorola XPR4550 UHF for GMRS and Ham DMR
Kenwood TM-D710A
Please QSL me! If you send me a QSL card, I will be glad to send you one back. I will also answer QRZ log.
My QSL Card

My Radio Heritage

Radio did not begin in the Leek family with me. Radio has been in my family for generations beginning with the 1920's with my grandfather, Alfred Leek. Pop leek lived in Flushing, NY. Listening to Radio broadcast and then writing the radio stations to receive EKKO Stamps or "Verified Reception Stamps." He did this hobby right up to the beginning of World War II when The American Bank Note Company stopped producing EKKO stamps.

Click on image to open the EKKO page

In the 1930's My uncle Al, Born Alfred W. Leek Jr. on September 21, 1918 became interested in his Father's hobby but with a slightly different twist. He became an Amateur Radio Operator holding the call W2MWP. My earliest memories include sitting on my uncle's lap while he sent out CQ's and held QSO's from his Northport home.

Uncle Al's QSL card in the mid 1930's

Uncle Al in the Ham Shack with his
Halicrafters Sky Champion in 1940

Uncle Al's Ham Shack in the
late 1960's
My ham radio mentor, Uncle Al died December 28, 1971. The time's I spent with him as a child as well as continuing to grow with his equipment in storage in my parents house, kept Ham Radio in my mind and interest until I took my test in 1999. Although most of his equipment was sold off or given away during my teenage years, I maintain and cherish his Halicrafters S-20R Sky Champion which is still in my shack today.

US Navy Veteran 1985-1992
Decorated for three Tanker Escort Operations:
Earnest Will; Praying Mantis; Prime Chance.

Former member of the
East Northport Volunteer Fire Department
Hook & Ladder Company #1 1995-2000

Former member of the
Centereach Volunteer Fire Department
Engine Company #3 2002-2003



New York

QTH Data


South Carolina


Little River,
South Carolina, USA
Approximately 20 Miles

North of Myrtle Beach

ITU Region: 2
ITU Zone: 8
CQ Zone: 5
Grid Square: FM03qv


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the Myrtle Beach Area?
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